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For Lovers of art books.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad, October 1996

To the Pleasure of Discovery

- Indian Express, September 1997

This little shop is a treasure house of books on Indian art & architecture...

- Textile Fiber Form, 2000, Australia

Little shop knowing that a treasure hosue of books.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad, March 2001

Pricelss book collection.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad - May 2001

Mine of Books for Arts.

- "Sandesh" City Life, Ahmedabad - 2003

Monohar Patel's World of books, leafing through treasure.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad, January 2004

In search of Ideal bookshop.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad, February 2002
- Art Deal, Vol .3, No 1. 2004 New Delhi

Books : Bookshops rare still. Unusual collection.

- Times of India, Ahmedabad, July 2004.

Book store with a difference.

- Citi Digest, Ahmedabad, March - April 2005

Treasure House.

Ahmedabad in City, Vol. III, Issue VI, 2006

Books for a life.

- India Today - Simply Gujarati, May - 2006

State of Art!

- Times of India, Ahmedabad Times, April 10 2006

Art Book Center set up in 1970 by Manharbhai Patel is the perfect post-architecture stop off.

Wall paper, Design Interior Fashion on Art Life Style, July 2008


FPBA, Newsletter Aug.-Nov.,2011

State of the art, Art Book Center...

Simply Gujarati Sept.,2011

Ahmedabad's Artistic Book Store !

Indian Express-Sunday-Nov.25, 2012

Margot Bigg finds Peaceful Spaces and Havens for Booklovers in the Gujarati City, Ahmedabad.

Business Traveller-U.K.May 2013



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